Metro Section: God Damn Job

  • Gary Condit's not the only one who enjoys hunting in Rock Creek Park. [Beauty and the Beltway]

  • The City Paper sucks, it's dreary, knee-jerk, and written for a different city. But this week's cover story by Franklin Schneider is an absolute must read. Franklin Schneider is a really good writer, but sometimes, he's shocking! Like, did you know that when you have sex with a "scathingly intelligent" woman on her period, your face and head become caked in blood? So much blood that you have to shower with your mouth closed to avoid "the red water." Did you know that women are "venal trolls" who only talk about American Idol? Did you know that this shit comprises the City Paper's cover story? It's shocking! This blogger takes Franklin Schneider apart. [why.i.hate.dc]

  • "Why wouldn't Pastor Ted get his jones on with a hotter escort than Mike Jones? Does Jones have a great personality?" We don't know, Jones is kinda hot for an old guy. [Worth Repeating]

  • Poor WETA blog: "Do you agree that Democrats need to pay closer attention to Black issues? Or Latino, Asian, Muslim? Do you think the Republicans are doing a better or worse job?" You're doing nothing, going nowhere. [WETA Intersections]

  • Another DC journalist quits! And lists top five "I hate this job" songs. [Audiogram]

  • If you lived here, you could be a missing person by now! [DCist]

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