Metro Section: Here to Cheer

  • Sifting through the photos of erect penises in Casual Encounters, you find the occasional request so appealing you know it will end in murder: "Let's drink a little too much and hang out watching tv tonight." [Craigslist]

  • From the use of the term "regular guys" we've deduced that this was written by a journalist. "Can I blow you? - m4m - 46...I especially like to suck on married, bi, straight, blue collar, regular guys. I am always looking to suck." [Craigslist]

  • "Road Head - m4w...I drive a luxury vehicle." [Craigslist]

  • Lovers' Happy Hour tonight at Cafe Citron hosted by DC Bachelor and Circle V. You know, the "I pump and I dump" guy and the girl who "never makes drama." See you there. [DC Bachelor]

  • MLB plans to make caskets and urns for all 30 teams. [Just a Nats Fan]

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