Metro Section: Hot Enough for Ya?

Thank God someone is answering the call: DCist "will keep readers up-to-date as to the presence of young African-American lesbians in the District, their aliases and affiliations, their modus operandi, and who best to call if they are spotted." [DCist]

"Panda cub Butterstick is thriving after its first encounter with the panda's most dangerous natural enemy--the staff of the National Zoo." [DCeiver]

A protest against wishy-washy weather forecasts ("One forecast covered all its bases with 'intervals of clouds and sun,' while the next called for a chance of rain 'after midnight,' as if that's a magic hour after which it doesn't matter what time it rains exactly.") and an alert: The 21st Conference on Weather Analysis and Forecasting, the 17th Conference on Numerical Weather Prediction and the 34th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology are ALL BEING HELD IN WASHINGTON THIS WEEK. Watch out for groupies. []

If it's August, it must be time for another rant about interns: "[C]ongratulations on using a sophisticated adjective like 'stupid' to convey this Congressional office’s stance on a sensitive issue like gun control." [Craigslist]


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