Metro Section: How Easy Is Your Intern?

* "Unless you enjoy flushing $10 bills down the toity, I do not recommend signing up for the Cherry Blossom high tea on the Potomac .... A handful of Hershey's kisses (whaa?) on the tables and a plate of stale cookies." [Brunch Bird]

* "I didn't get to bed until 5:30 on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Laura Sessions Stepp would not be pleased with me." [hey pretty]

* Photos from inside the new stadium. [Near Southeast Redevelopment/Revitalization]

* New DC slogans, "Washington, D.C.: Less of a target than New York" and "Washington, D.C.: Our subway system is as easy as our interns." [The DC Universe]

* DC Tech Events happening this week. [Ross Notes]


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