Metro Section: Is That Ice Cube?

  • This really is the question of the day: "Why can't the Post and other media outlets get comments and opinions from black people leaving work in downtown DC or coming off the metro like they do our white counterparts?" [Native Son]

  • Round up of forthcoming coffee shops and restaurants. Best bakery Sticky Fingers is expanding, moving to Mount Pleasant. [Metrocurean]

  • On the Galludet protests: "It would be like Howard appointing a white dude as president." [Eavesdrop DC]

  • WP ignores new City Hall Art Collection and their huge opening party last night: "note how the Style editor thinks that it is important to have multiple reviews of DC area theatre plays by different writers, but only allows one DC area gallery review by only one freelancer every two weeks." We're all Reliable Source and horoscopes and see ya. And the Style section is all boring boring boring. [DC Art News]

  • Adrian Fenty bravely brings his own children to Adams Morgan. [KMAX TRAX]

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