Metro Section: It's a Black Fly in Your Chardonnay

  • "...can we please make it a rule that members of Congress understand what the word 'ironic' means, as opposed to the fucking Alanis Morissette definition of the word?" [The DC Universe]

  • The Argonaut raised more than 9,000 dollars for bartender Quike. [Frozen Tropics]

  • Video of someone named Clinton Fein interviewing the late Gerry Studds in 1994. [Gayest Editor Ever]

  • A new treo is coming, minus the "plastic clitoris." [TOTAL INFORMATION AWARENESS]

  • New program, SERVE, trains volunteers to work with DC's HIV/AIDS organizations. They can also tell you which organizations would benefit most from your talents. [FIGHT HIV IN DC]

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