Metro Section: It's Friday the 13th so DC is More Repressed Than Usual

  • "White man to eat you. I am very hungry right now, I will eat you as long as you want me to." [Craigslist]

  • "This is how the Republicans I like to spend the Weekend." What a mouthful. [Craigslist]

  • Andie MacDowell spotted at a Caribou Coffee. Reliable Source spotted her at Olives yesterday, and reports that she's in town to see a Chinese singer because last summer she "fell in love with all things Chinese." [Craigslist]

  • A lonely voice against the herd mentality of YouTube. [Alternative Hippopotamus]

  • Fridays, we try to help you with your fashions. Today, we investigate forgettable trends such as "leggings under skirts" and ankle boots. Leggings under skirts are met with ambivalence. Ankle boots? Well, since no one is reading this, thumbs up to ankle boots because they hold more cubic liters of sperm than flats. [Circle V]

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