Metro Section: Kidney Stones and UTIs

  • Daytime stabbing on 14th Street. [The Luck of 13th Street]

  • On robot phone calls: "The targeted demographic was occasional voters (people too lazy to vote in mid-terms that vote in presidential elections); these people are not going to be motivated by multiple phone calls. They're too busy smoking pot or picking up their Medicare Part D medications." [a new blog, a blog for the rest of us]

  • Gourmet ranks Citronelle #12 in the US. It appears to live up to the hype. [DCFUD]

  • "Katherine Harris, Florida's federal urinary tract infection, is no Charlie "Tuna" Crist, thank you very much!" [circumlocutor]

  • This libertarian hopes the democrats win tomorrow, loves Neko Case, had kidney stone. [Texpundit]

  • If this went down, we'd totally vote for Macaca too. [DCeiver]

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