Metro Section: Lazy and Ineffectual

Apparently, there's an even more ineffectual way to lobby for DC voting rights: The D.C. Young Suffragists are "a group of kids age 4 to 12 that lobbies the U.S. Senate for voting rights for the District of Columbia. In February, they visited Capitol Hill to deliver cake and cupcakes (donated by cakelove) to 30 senators' offices." [DCist]

Slight evidence that Ian MacKaye has a sense of humor leads blogger to brainstorm song titles: "Columbia Heights of Depravity," "Fort Reno 911," and our favorite, "Suck It, Rosslyn." [DCeiver]

Chelsea Clinton's boozy history. [Washington Socialites]

Media criticism of the week: "The Moonie Times article linked above cites Wikipedia. How lazy can you be and still show up to work every day?" [DCSOB]


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