Metro Section: Lead, Murder and Collar Poppin' Daddies

* The taste of DC water to change. [Read Express]

* Murder at 1714 Lyman Place, NE. [stop, blog and roll]

* New Belgian restaurant. "Dig the idea of camping out at the bar with a Belgian beer and platter of oysters? Thanks to free Wi-Fi, you may even be able to get some work done while knocking back a few Duvels." [metrocurean]

* Tranquil Space owner Kimberly Wilson has a new book and is getting kind of famous. She makes an iPod playlist, including Eminem, for the Happy Booker today. [The Happy Booker]

* "It doesn't cost extra money to pop the collar! Watch this. I just popped my collar. And now I'm unpopping it. I DID NOT HAVE TO PAY A COLLAR TAX!" [why.i.hate.dc]


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