• Brandishing his firm grip on obvious pointlessness, the Post's Philip Rucker tries to out-do Laura Sessions Stepp - he scores well, but the use of interns for quotes lowers the difficulty rating a tenth of a point. [WaPo]

  • Metrosexual envelope-pusher Peter McBride is the biggest douchebag in DC, which puts him high in the running for biggest douche world-wide. [Newsweek via Beauty and the Beltway]

  • Vladimir Ilyich giggles in his mausoleum as the US government single handedly keeps Office Movers in business through soviet style moronic inefficiency. [Jaded In DC]

  • Tucker Carlson wants you to know he is really light in his loafers. [Blah Blah Blog]

  • The Chinatown bus is great for so many reasons, being able to get naked and piss yourself in front of the entire bus is just one on the long list. [Pop Pop Bang]

  • Norton vs. Colbert II: The Booze Hounds - live on pay per view! [Winesmith]

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