Metro Section: Masturbation, Spliffs, John Hodgman

Toby unloads on "Bitch Session," where gay men -- "traditionally known for their near-stubborn reticence when it comes to expressing their thoughts, feelings and personal affairs to anyone within earshot" -- can unload. [VividBlurry, who, btw, is begging for votes for the Urban Blogger Awards. Throw the boy a bone.]

"Did you ever read or encounter a book when you were a kid that talked about how it was okay to masturbate?" [DCeiver]

"Dude, I'm so baked. Hahaha. Butterspliff is more like it. Hahaha." [BBBS]

The City Paper comes to the defense of the "longtime paying subscriber," "the fluorescent light bulb of the ongoing debate over how to save newspapers." [WCP]

John Hodgman reads the names of 700 hoboes tonight at the Warehouse Theater. [DCist]


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