Metro Section: Meerkats

* "So what is the real price from McPherson Square to Dulles? $51 dollars." [Metroblogging DC]

* Our own Lonleygirl 15 wants to send you a postcard from France. [Mayhem by Miss M]

* Here's a list of writers you've never heard of who'll take your money and tell you how to capture your dreams. [The Happy Booker]

* You people are fucking crazy: "Hurts that the person you chose to try to push around (because I am so young-looking, perhaps?) didn't let it happen, huh? And it hurts that she hit you where it stings -- insult my youth and intelligence, and I have a free pass to insult your craggy face permanently lined with stress and anger, in addition to the sub-par intelligence that foolishly opened you up to my rebuttal in the first place." [Sonnet87]

* Shut up. [DCist]


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