Metro Section: Meet You at The Palm for That Power Lunch

  • There is such a thing as Modern Drunkard Magazine , and the era of the Three Martini Lunch has not passed, it is alive and well along with every other D.C. cliche. [Metroblogging]

  • Lieberman, like the Illusionist, able to work the sunrise, put the thing down flip it and reverse it. See the video! [DCDL]

  • Katie Couric is a fattie. [The Conservative Futurist]

  • Too Much Coffee Lady goes on defensive "airquote" laden rant in RED ink. Gentrification still sucks, still evergreen. [On My Home Planet]

  • Saddam Hussein saw the South Park movie, won't stop impersonating Cartman. [Melissa the Misanthrope]

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