Metro Section: No Mark Foley Edition

  • Kinky "make them listen to a Negro talking to himself" Friedman is the new George Allen. Boys will be boys. [Blah Blah Blog]

  • Bloomingdale resident begging businesses to move in. Who wouldn't want to be neighbors with Hellers? [Bloomingdale]

  • Neil Gaiman is a tits man. In church, no less. All (both) of this (these) can be yours, tonight. [PTSD]

  • List of top 5 non-president men. This totally unofficial list includes Mark Twain, J.P. Morgan and honest Washington values. [The Life Misanthropic]

  • The President is "a second-rate High School football coach, demonizing the other team before the big game." Since it's Friday let's cut him some slack and remember that he "probably ate too many birthday cakes." [Alternative Hippopotamus]

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