Metro Section: Nuts

* Man shoots own nuts. [stop, blog and roll]

* "APRIL 3, 2007 should be remembered as one of the worst in the history of the DC Council. That body not only voted initial approval of the anti-democratic takeover of the school system, it also gave sports corporado Abe Pollin a $50 million gift, approved the nomination of a new police chief with no visible concern over her involvement in the torture of protesters and declared mandatory for young girls a vaccine that has not been adequately tested." [Sam Smith's City Desk]

* "Virginia's House of Delegates today rejected a statewide smoking ban in bars and restaurants by a vote of 40-59." [The Green Miles]

* "I think I have a crush on Jason Wilson, the Post's new Spirits columnist. I love his voice. His columns reflect a Washington food and drinking scene that's as fresh as those of us who live here know it is. This week subject: Cynar." [Counter Intelligence]

* "Only 5 days left to purchase tickets for the Taste of the Nation event on April 9th." [DC Foodies]


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