Metro Section: Old Timey Fun Timey!

  • "The Washington Post interviewed Gallaudet president-designate Dr. Jane Fernandes yesterday and made it available online, without captions. The Washington Post is insulting the entire deaf and hard of hearing community by telling us that they want to have access to our crisis but will not give us access to their reporting of our crisis." [DeafDC Blog]

  • We feel like the first black president, too. [Listen To Leon]

  • "My attache case got stuck in the doors too. So, I basically looked like a jackass. The King of All Jackasses." [why.i.hate.dc ]

  • Actor and former Senator from Tennessee Fred Thompson spotted at Mayflower Hotel. [SC Pussycat Doll]

  • Rats and old-timey drug dealers lead a talk tomorrow night about preserving/restoring Capitol Hill's picturesque alleyways. [Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space]

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