* Fake Kitty Harris and real Fancy Ford sightings at Morton's last night. [blah, blah black sheep]

* Plus, Angelina Jolie possibly in town, Robert DeNiro and Matt Damon in Fairfax. [DCist]

* The Smoking Ban is coming. You guys realize this was half the reason we moved here from New York, right? We'd never even heard of a "Wonkette," we just wanted a smoke with our Manhattan. [hey pretty]

* The WABA Holiday Party is tonight from 5-8PM. [WABA]

* Give yourself that holiday bonus by making your own stationery movies. [Whatever Happened to My...]

* "I like to read the New Yorker and the Writer's Almanac, play soccer and swim and listen to Beethoven. But I want to cavort naked with a sensual, smart, self-confident woman..." [Craigslist]


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