* DCist offers some ass-wiping pointers for the Media Matters men. We'll probably have more to say about this tomorrow. For now, please read this -- it's some funny shit. And be sure to check out this comment. [DCist]

* If you still have an appetite, go fry up some bacon. [DCeiver]

* Mmm, we might just go do that. We bloggers are stuck at home tonight, while our mainstream media stepsisters attend a big ball. [FishBowlDC]

* Al Kamen has some interesting gossip on possible changes in the Cabinet and at the State Department. [WP]

* Another TV show filming in D.C.? Will they ever learn? [Big Head Rob]

* Washington is visited by Greece's highly attractive foreign minister. Her name is Dora, you'd like to explore her. [WP]

* More on Condi's hair -- because we can't help ourselves. [Princess Sparkle Pony]


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