Metro Section: Questionable Men

* "Sun Ra is alive and well and living in a truck in Northwest D.C." [And I Am Not Lying, For Real]

* Yet another event in which free massages, expensive clothing and free drinks benefit hungry children. [pandahead]

* Ethereal Heist MFA Art Show opens Friday in Baltimore. [DC Art News]

* It's such a slow day we'll go ahead and let you know that the Cosi at 12th & G reopened yesterday. [Gallery Place Living]

* DC's #1 web novelist StehJ: "Cigars, strong and aromatic, are the accessory of choice for men. Some women -- and a few of the more questionable men -- flout long cigarette holders while barely ever seeming to take a puff. The air inside is remarkably clear and dry, though there aren't any signs of fans or vents. One of the oldest men handles a cane with an ornately jeweled knob. It sparkles from across the room, and from anywhere else one may venture within the house." [American Night]


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