Metro Section: Secrets, Crayons and Rape

* Ever influential DC Area Film Critics Association gives Best Film honor to United 93. Come on guys. Christmas is coming. [DCist]

* Holiday Market begins today 7th and F streets, NW. Buy some crap for your relatives, but don't come crawling back to us when they hate it. [Gallery Place Living]

* Sad news: the Cerulean Warbler (Red Sage) rejected from the Endangered Species Act (Penn Quarter). [DC Audubon Society]

* "Effective 12/01/2006, it is against the law to pass a metro bus stopped at the bus-stop near a corner and to make a right turn. You must wait behind the bus until it moves, if you need to make a right turn." [bloomingdale]

* This guy calls himself a rapist, writes a little poetry: "During sex, all the power belongs to the male because he controls the speed, tempo, force, and rhythm..." [Roosh V]

* You are a creative bunch today -- this gal destroys Duchamp & friends with a box of crayons and a thesaurus. [In the Gutter]


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