Metro Section: Smart People Writing Well, Free Chili & Secret Sushi

* Pelosi is "just too emotional -- not nearly man enough for this job. She and Clinton, running around asking for apologies from everyone who dares to defend themselves against their 'truth bombs.'" [Big Stupid Guy]

* He was my laughter-buddy. He would make me laugh till it hurt. crouched in a fetal position on the floor, shedding tears of joy." [wanderings in DC]

* "The long black hair sticks down her back, almost to her ass. On two large cheeks, dimples quiver as the water pounds them in a steady flow. Her left hand gathers water to wash out her crotch. She notices how sore it is: a slow burn of friction and stretching. The water, at once, soothes and stings her insides." [American Night]

* Free Chili. [DCFUD]

* Take the 90 to Sushi Sushi. [DCist]


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