Metro Section: So Many Questions Edition

How did we miss this? The Grammar Police catch us up with how Tom Delay's daughter pulled a Paris Hilton in Las Vegas and let a "lobbyist pour...champagne on her while she was in the hot tub." The Police summarize the verdict: "I think that a person has the right to have champagne poured on her by any person she admits in her hot tub, and your editors generally deem such behavior to be hott." [Grammar.Police]

A question for the ages: Which right-wing reactionary hate machine is the most annoying? Our money's on the Examiner, caught in a wonderful bout of sex-related hypocrisy (the best kind!): "So, in conclusion: masturbation as a punchline = offensive. But S&M, threesomes, and ejaculation as punchlines = hilarious, eminently publishable comedy." [W.I.H.D.C.]

Obsessed with that awesome Burger King ad? You are not alone! "I just got the whole punny joke of the song: that the Tender Crisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch is not only a sandwich but also a place (a ranch). Which is why they are singing a song about it. Shit, that is HILARIOUS." And there's more! [Vivid Blurry]


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