* As goes the nation, so goes D.C.: the smoking ban went into effect today. [Head-Case Briefs; Ask KAC]

* Tom DeLay: leaving Congress, but not Washington. Lucky us. [DCeiver]

* Chris Graff, the veteran Vermont journalist whose firing has generated a public outrcy, is the father of Washington journalist Garrett Graff (of the Washingtonian and FishBowl DC). [Big Head Rob; WP]

* This counts as local news, since he lives in Silver Springs Spring: Brian Doyle, deputy press secretary at the DHS, was arrested on charges of using the internet to seduce an individual he thought was a 14-year-old girl. [WP; CNN; Wonkette; Sploid]

(Yeah, we know we just blogged about Brian Doyle. But you'll probably be hearing a lot about him around here, so you might as well get used to it.)


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