You may be excited about the Redskins beating the tar out of the Cowboys, but only one man had the guts to taunt a stadium full of Dallas fans. The sweetest $1,000 Darrell Armstrong ever spent. [Deadspin]

It's been suggested that Butterstick's sex toy may actually be the interior of the Wolfgang Puck self-heating can. We say, shame! Butterstick is too cute to deserve such stern discipline. [Make]

" attending a junior high school dance - lots of seating opportunities around the perimeter of the room, all the better to sit and gawk and watch white people Elaine-dancing to Kanye and dudes in stripey shirts getting cockblocked..." The PIABs go to Childe Harold so you don't have to. [Pygmalion in a Blanket]

When Christmas shopping, don't forget about gifts for the people who make your neighborhood what it is! [Rock Creek Rambler]

WMATA is looking for a new voice for Metrorail. Think of the time commuters will be saved if they go with Diane Rehm! On the other hand, think about how quickly we'll kill one another if they go with Mark Plotkin! [DCist]


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