Metro Section: The Most Eclectic and Unique Show in DC

* Dead body found yesterday at 201 I Street, SW. [tls]

* Remember that Sesame Street short about how crayons are made? Watch it again, like it's the first time. [Read Express]

* George Michael quitting Channel 4 Sports Anchor post and "Sports Machine." Lindsay Czarniak has enought stalkers as it is. [The DC Universe]

* "Best Week Ever" on Perez Hilton: "He's like Joseph McCarthy, but for gays." [Worth Repeating]

* Speaking of Perez Hilton, HIPS and Palace of Wonders host "The Most Eclectic and Unique Show in DC." Suggested $10-15 donation helps educate DC's sex workers on the effect "HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted infections, discrimination, poverty, violence and drug use have on the lives of individuals." [Fight HIV in DC]


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