Metro Section: Thumbs Way Down

* "Woman leaving the Checkers on Maryland Avenue with her daughter around 5:45pm Wednesday was forced into an alley near 13th & G Street at knifepoint. One of the two assailants raped the woman, while the other restrained her daughter." [Frozen Tropics]

* We did not know that people tie wishes to the branches of cherry tree saplings. Blogger Poofygoo snoops & transcribes them, "I wish for the Shits and Sunnys [sic] to get along." [Poofygoo]

* Update on the Ballston Bike Center, "Finding American vendors of bike shelters is difficult as the market is not developed. Most bike shelters in the U.S. are bus shelters converted for the use of bikes." [Commuter Page Blog]

* Roundup of DC's fashion blogs. "Now go work that runway... by which I mean K Street." [The DC Concierge]

* Compete with Interns Nick and Lauren for the chance to be why.i.hate.dc. [why.i.hate.dc]


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