Metro Section: Totally High

* "Did you ever try calling a Senator's office, or a real representative's office, and been told they can't talk to you because you are not a constituent? I've hit upon a solution: our very own Pasquino!" [A Portable Snack]

* President of the Washington, D.C. NAACP Chapter, Lorraine C. Miller, is first African American Clerk of the United States House of Representatives. [Native Son]

* Metrobus kills two women at 7th and Penn. [WP]

* Belgian's Blusser is only on tap in four places in the world. DC is home to two of them, Central and Citronelle. [Counter Intelligence]

* Beautiful DC dogwood tree. [The Average Blogger]

* Tickets now on sale for annual WABA Gala. Intern Lauren has attended the past two years and vouches for the open bar and totally high level of fun. [WABA]


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