Metro Section: Vampires, Vodka, Marion Barry

* Don't read this while eating dinner. [Mr. T in DC]

* Sincerely, please treat yourself to the vodka and vampire lair that is Russia House. [DCist]

* "Why are there so many 'cunty' women in DC?" And this, more puzzling complaint: "Bartenders who have no power in life and therefore abuse what little power they have over the distribution of alcohol. I just want a beer bitch. And no, you won't get a tip from me." [Attention Span of a Fly]

* Related: "The bartender came right up to our group and said 'Hey, I've been acting like a jerk all night and I'm sorry. I got in a fight with my fiance and it wasn't fair for me to take it out on you. What kind of shots would you like?'" [WonL]

* How cold is it? [why.i.hate.dc]

* Marion Barry evades taxes, gets lingam massage. [The DC Universe]


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