Metro Section: What Does Bourbon Do to Wooden Teeth?

George Washington: Distiller, patriot, capitalist running dog: He was "one of the country's first successful entrepreneurs, building a whiskey distillery that made the equivalent of $300,000 in two years." Mt. Vernon is reopening the still in 2007. [WT]

American University president Benjamin Ladner asked for five mil to "maintain my current living level." Suggestion from the peanut gallery: "Maybe Ladner can run FEMA!" [WP, DCeiver]

DC evangelical festival organizers sign up commercial sponsors: "When people see names of companies they know and recognize, it gives them a comfort level." True -- I don't know about God, but I believe in Coke. (Pepsi is actual sponsor. Heathens.) [WP]

More MSM attention to the Butterstick controversy! and a suggestion: Naiyou Bao—or "milk-oil dumpling." Ew. [Washingtonian via BBBS]


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