Metro Section: What Does Transitional Mean To You?

  • Federal law enforcement agents providing security for your move to the ghetto may look tough, but there's no chance in hell they can run down a crackhead. [Wanderings In DC]

  • New members of Columbia Heights gentry find 14th St. uncivilized, learn foreign curses. [Fictional Rockstar]

  • Crime-stopping youth curfew starts tonight, but if you've got the lawn-cutting money to spare go ahead and buy a loophole. [Pygmalion In A Blanket]

  • Redesigned metro cars were unveiled today with new seat layout but same earth tones. [FreeRide]

  • What the mayoral candidates will admit to drinking. [Winesmith]

  • Baseball trade deadline passes and Nationals hold on to the only good player they've got, still plan to lose 60% of remaining games. [ESPN]

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