Metro Section: What's a Fresh One?

no more of this in Washington, desperate men. -Wonkette

  • Adrian Fenty wants to see the city's people "get lifted." [Fenty '06]

  • "Why is it that I became almost offended at JR's on Sunday by being called "exotic" not once, not twice but three times.... like I'm half peacock or something..... next time somebody's going to get a fresh one in the pie hole." [DC Gays of Our Lives]

  • Fuck you, August. "Ann Frank wrote her last diary entry in August, and it was August when the first A-bomb was dropped...Babe Ruth, Princess Diana, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley all died in August." [Till Human Voices Wake Us, and We Drown]

  • Coyote Ugly has closed. "Don't Just Get Drunk, Get Ugly" didn't work out in Atlanta, Boston or Philadelphia either. [Diary of a Mad Asian Woman]

  • "I may have to move to Louisiana and become a flood victim" in order to schtup Senator Mary Landrieu. [Media Concepts]

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