Metro Section: Wine, Beef, Cops & Cannons

* For the winos. [Metrocurean]

* For the hippie winos. [The Green Miles]

* "When the Nationals leave for Virginia, Portland, or Vegas, I think we should rename the (at least) $611,000,000 stadium the "Anthony Williams/Jack Evans Monument." After all, they were the ones who were so desperate to cement their legacy with a baseball team. Then we should shoot them out of a cannon in the direction of wherever the team decides to move." [why.i.hate.dc]

* Why should DC police care about Capitol Hill? [District Matters]

* "Charlie Palmer's Steakhouse ... is seriously one of the most 'DC' places I have ever visited in my 8 years in this city. Everywhere I turned there was a man in a navy blue suit fingering a Blackberry." [hey pretty]


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