Metro's Twitter Wins A Pulitzer


  • Who twitters for Metro? Tolstoy? You cannot write long-winded descriptions of the Great Steppe of Russia, where the peasants are honest and work with their hands (and the Metro stop has no working escalators). Sorry Leo, there's a 140-character limit. [Unsuck Metro DC]

  • Stop being such a bubbly romantic sap. You are literally killing Mother Earth. [Washington Times]

  • Wu-Tang warned us, but did we listen? No, we did not. And now we are all going to be stung into submission, by the killer bees of Rock Creek Park. [DCist]

  • There's a reason why so many naturalized citizens live in Virginia and Maryland: they have all enlisted in Barack Obama's immigrant brownshirt militia. And they are drilling, and organizing. And when they're ready, they will strike. [Washington Examiner]

  • It's Friday, which means: cease fire! Lower your lead pipe and put your AR-15 back in the shoebox where it belongs -- it needs its rest before the next town hall meeting. Unfortunately, the Friday armistice has come too late for a group of young women who brutally assaulted each other with knives, sticks, rocks and belts. What provoked this act of needless violence? A heated debate on health care? An avant garde production of West Side Story? You be the judge. [DCist]


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