Metrosexual Unibrow War

modern cosmetics - WonketteWe remember at least reading about manly American politicians -- and we're not talking about Janet Reno. Teddy Roosevelt hunted big game and led his own Cavalry against the wicked Spaniards in Cuba. John F. Kennedy saved his PT-109 crew after the wicked Japanese tore his boat and his back apart -- and he could still get busy with the starlettes. Zachary Taylor butchered the wicked Mexicansand American Indians in his long Army career. Even so-called "wimp" George H.W. Bush was a World War II fighter ace -- at age 18, no less -- who flew 58 combat missions, sunk wicked enemy ships, survived a terrible air battle and spent his last days in the service rescuing other downed pilots.

And then there are the Senate races of today. Rick Santorum's campaign has its panties in a bunch over alleged Photoshopping of challenger Bob Casey's youthful unibrow. In response, Casey's campaign has its thong all twisted over Santorum's metrosexual beauty salon treatments over the years. See the revolting evidence, after the jump.

Would it be so wrong to hang them both?

Santorum goes first, because he started it. At least Casey used to have an impressive unibrow.

But Casey's time is short, as it was his campaign that sent us a ridiculous yearbook picture of "Rooster" Santorum, which is supposed to prove something or other:And here's Bob Casey's unibrow before and after:And finally, the chief cosmetics boy of this sad new era, Unibrow-waxing Enabler in Chief G.W. Bush!Casey's Magic Makeover []


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