Michael Bennet Resorts To Child Labor, Kidnapping Old Woman


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/gxZFfibByQw?fs=1&hl=en_US expand=1]

This video was e-mailed to us by a frightened child calling herself "Halina Bennet." She told us she and her siblings put this video together exposing the cruel child-labor practices Sen. Michael Bennet has forced upon them in his campaign. Shameful.

From the e-mail:

Dear Friend --

Oh God, this child thinks some some blog about political dildos is her friend? She will need a lifetime of therapy.

My dad has been working hard for Colorado in the Senate and we've been helping him with his campaign for a long time now.

YOUR FATHER is doing this to you? For "a long time now"? Disgusting.

Michael Bennet needs to hire some legal workers to cold-call registered voters and distribute his lawn signs. He's making children do this? That's worse than forcing them to working in a coal mine.

Also illegal, obviously, is the abduction of this poor old woman in this unsafe vehicle. And then Michael Bennet has the gall to try to strong-arm this woman into the polling station to vote for him? Just appalling, this man.

We wanted to help our dad get as many votes as possible so we just made a new TV ad for him.

We hear your coded cry for help, girls. Protective services have been called and now you will be stoled away by the government. [YouTube]


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