Michael Chertoff to Play New Enemy in 24

* Heard on the Hill: Rep. Adam Putnam gets a big, red, shiny new toy...Rep. Christopher Shays wants his colleagues to get Thumpin'...Sen. Patrick Leahy turns the tables on photographers...Gamble for the children...Team Larry Craig should keep their bathroom visits on the down low. [Roll Call]

* Reliable Source: Barbara Bullock's ill gotten items are up for auction...Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff gets some tips on the 24 set...Bono, as always, doing good deeds...David Byrne gets out of D.C. as fast as he can. [WP]

* Rush & Molloy: Terrorists love Naomi Campbell. [NYDN]

* Washington Whispers: Update: GOP now pro-France...Jenna Bush almost the Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity...LBJ given a Second Life...Spies are happy...The Clintons find their scandalous documents up for auction...Mike Huckabee is happy to have Chuck Norris as a henchman. [USN&WR]


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