Michael Eisner: I'm Registered As a Human Being!

mickey.jpgWhatever you may or may not think about The New York Times' Deborah Solomon and her Q&A magazine column, she certainly tries to pin down her subject. In last weekend's column, she cornered former Disney honcho Michael Eisner and briefly drilled him on politics. The result? Eisner comes off looking like an ass-kissing, dodgy asshat. Or, in other words: mission accomplished! The exchange, after the jump.

Solomon: Do you think the presidential race has become a subdivision of the entertainment industry?

Eisner: I don't see it that way. That demeans our political system.

Solomon: Do you know whom you will be supporting in the race?

Eisner: I don't really have a lot of insight that I can add to The New York Times about the political environment.

Solomon: Are you a registered Democrat?

Eisner: No.

Solomon: It's public record, but I haven't looked it up; what are you registered as?

Eisner: A human being.

...and a dick.

Questions for Michael Eisner: The Media Mogul [NYT Magazine]


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