Michael Flynn's #PizzaGate Loving Idiot Son In Big Trouble With Robert Mueller, Mister!

Michael Flynn with his idiot spawn

Young Michael G. Flynn, son of disgraced literal actual foreign agent/former national security adviser Michael Flynn, who inherited all of his dad's flawed brains and none of his dad's dapper looks (for real), is now a subject of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into conspiracy crimes committed by the Trump campaign and Russia. Oh, fiddlesticks, go to your room, #PizzaGate Junior!

NBC reports:

The inquiry into Flynn is focused at least in part on his work with his father's lobbying firm, Flynn Intel Group, three of the officials said. It's unclear when the focus on Flynn began. [...]

The younger Flynn worked closely with his father, whose connections to foreign governments, including Russia and Turkey, have been a subject of federal and congressional investigations.

Michael G. Flynn accompanied his father, for instance, on a trip to Moscow in December 2015 for the elder Flynn to deliver a paid speech at a gala for the state-sponsored Russian television network RT.

Oh, we didn't know Baby Flynn went on that trip too! It makes sense, if he was his dad's number two guy while he was doing FOREIGN AGENT WORK FOR TURKEY AND RUSSIA, that he might be in the know about his dad's dirty deeds.

Flynn McJunior was certainly in the know about #PizzaGate! In fact, he was a prime purveyor of the very fake news story about how Hillary Clinton and John Podesta were running a secret pedophile ring out of the nonexistent basement of a DC pizza parlor, with their emails! As a result of the #PizzaGate conspiracy, a very concerned citizen went and shot up the place, to warn them to knock that shit off.

Fun fact: The FBI has been looking into #PizzaGate as a Russian propaganda operation for quite a while, according to a Newsweek report from way back in March.

Little Boy Flynn also was/is a true believer in other conspiracy theories like that Huma Abedin is the queen of the Muslim Brotherhood, Marco Rubio is gay for guys and also for cocaine, and that Hillary Clinton had "declared war" on the Catholic Church. (Hey remember that time Donald Trump made a VERY HILARIOUS JOKE about Hillary hating Catholics during the Al Smith dinner? Yeaaaaaaaaah, these are the people your president socializes with and considers "normal." It's frightening.)

Anyway, Flynn fils was on the Trump transition team, until he was quit-fired from it for some reason or another.

We're going to bet Mueller is investigating the young mess of face hair and desperation spermed into existence by Daddy Michael Flynn for ALL this stuff. Working with foreign agent daddy, spreading #PizzaGate shit, just being a general dork-ass loser ... ALL OF IT.

We'd also note that golly gee, Robert Mueller is going after everybody and their kids, isn't he? First it was Donald Trump's boy MonkeyFarts Junior, and now this dipshit. We guess this is what happens when you're the Father Of The Year who takes his kids to work on Do Conspiracies With Russia Day, which is every single day. It's entirely possible Mueller is going after Flynn the Younger because Flynn the Older isn't playing nicely with the investigation.

Oh well, maybe Michael G. Flynn will get to continue his close relationship with his daddy, in the federal pokey. FINGERS CROSSED!

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