Michael Mukasey Determined Not To Ruin Your Weekend

  • This morning President Bush talked with Michael Mukasey, he of the dinnertime collapse, and the AG "sounded well." [Reuters]
  • Senate seniority rules prevent Hillary Clinton from having any real power in the body for years, so Harry Reid is halfheartedly trying to invent some appealing new position for her even as Barack Obama tries to convince her to go to the State Department. [New York Times]
  • The UN has given the Indian navy permission to pursue Somali pirates into Somali territorial waters. CHECKMATE, BRIGANDS! [BBC News]
  • Iraqis protested the new agreement between their government and the US allowing American troops to stay in country for several more years. [BBC News]
  • Five lucky Algerians have been ordered sprung from Guantanamo -- by a Bush-appointed judge, no less. [Voice of America]
  • Remember like six months ago when gas was $5 a gallon and it cost $456 to get a loaf of bread because of the worldwide grain shortage? Now we have the opposite problem, price-wise, which is called "deflation," and it is just as bad as inflation -- only cheaper! [Washington Post]

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