Michael Powell: Not One of John Negroponte's Fans

According to blogger Unconventional Wisdom, newly unemployed former FCC goon Michael Powell had a nice dinner the other night at Tosca. Also? He's a real loudmouth and the neighboring diners summarized his conversation:

Anyway, what Powell wanted to talk about, far too loudly, was John Negroponte, the ambassador to Iraq who President Bush has nominated to become National Intelligence Director. In Powell's opinion, Negroponte was a bad choice because he's "not ruthless enough." The White House will not listen to him. Also, intelligence is not his field; he's a diplomat. Powell believes President Bush picked Negroponte because no one the White House wanted to do the job would do it, including Tommy Franks, who said, "Hell no!" The job of National Intelligence Director cannot be done successfully. All Negroponte will do is "sit around waiting for the bomb to go off" and then take the blame when it does.
But isn't that the job -- waiting for the bomb to go off?

Michael Powell Overheard [Unconventional Wisdom]


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