Michael Steele Caught Trying To Hide $7 Million In RNC Debt

RNC Treasurer Randy Pullendropped a line to members of the party's budget committee yesterday just to let them know Michael Steele has hidden about $7 million in debt from him lately. This made the RNC's "war chest" (boobs) look bigger than usual, so this was a job well done by Mike. However, that is not exactly legal, so the party could face huge fines from the Federal Election Commission for doing this. Fun! Hope that $7 million in debt was spent on only the best lesbian sex shows!

The Washington Times also has learned that former Federal Election Commission Chairman Michael E. Toner has been retained as outside counsel to the RNC, a move Mr. von Spakovsky called unusual and significant.

"The RNC normally uses its own inside counsel to deal with the FEC," said Mr. von Spakovsky, a Heritage Foundation legal scholar. "But if I had a really serious problem with the FEC, Michael Toner is one of the first guys I would turn to help me out."

Yeah, they are in trouble. Good work, Mike.

Considered one of the hottest campaign-finance legal talents the GOP has in town, Mr. Toner

Okay, we will stop you there, Washington Times. Lolz. "One of the hottest campaign-finance legal talents!" Jesus Christ! This fucking city!

Can we get Tom Vilsack to fire Michael Steele? Yeah, he doesn't have any justification for firing Steele either, but this is just getting sad.

Just fire him, Republicans. If you are worried about the black thing, hire Alan Keyes. Certainly he is available. YES, he may be a bit crazy, but you have to at least try somebody else. [Washington Times]


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