Michael Steele Finally Makes Statement On New York Congressional Race, Using RNC Publication 'The Politico'


That Tedisco-Murphy special election sure was exciting. Nobody won, officially, yet, although Democrat Scott Murphy has a small but solid non-Lizard People lead. But there are MILITARY absentee ballots still being counted, and regular absentee ballots, 4% still uncounted, in all -- so who knows, right? The only real drama was "When will Michael Steele come out and try to desperately spin this in favor, so the Confederacy doesn't make him vanish?

And now we know! He just had to get his blog post together for the GOP website, The Politico.

Well, the voters have spoken, and while the results are still pending, Republicans are confident that the final vote tallies will show those voters have rejected the president’s approach.

Uh, yeah, this works a little bit better when the race has actually been decided, and when your side actually wins.


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