Michael Steele Is VERY ANGRY At Nancy Pelosi For Joe Wilson's Outburst The Other Night


It's like, why are Nancy Pelosi & The Democrats making such utter spectacles of themselves, interrupting the very important political work of health care and politics to yell at Joe Wilson? Michael Steele, in a statement, blah blah blah...

If we are going to march members down to the well of the House to apologize, Joe Wilson is going to have to get in line behind Nancy Pelosi, who attacked the intelligence community who protects us, Charlie Rangel who cheated on his taxes, Jack Murtha – a walking scandal, and we all know how the Democratic leadership tried to protect William Jefferson. Democrats don’t want an apology. They want a side show – something to shift the focus away from their government-run experiment on health care.

The Democrats forcing of Joe Wilson to endure A PUBLIC CENSURE OF DOOM will of course inevitably result in PUBLIC BACKLASH OF DOOM all on its own. All Michael Steele has to do is not do anything, and he can't even manage to do that.

[NYT/The Caucus]


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