Michael Steele Makes Another Ethical Win, Iraq Still Terrible

Michael Steele Makes Another Ethical Win, Iraq Still Terrible

  • What happens when you're too crooked to even be a lobbyist? Go see Michael Steele, and he'll hire you to raise strip-club money for the Republican National Committee! Former baseball-industry lobbyist Neil S. Alpert was fined $4,000 and forced to reimburse $38,000 he spent on unauthorized stuff in 2007, the Washington Post reports. That's Micheal Steele's kind of fund-raiser. [Washington Post]
  • Democrats, shockingly, are bringing in a lot more fund-raising dollars these days. [Washington Post]
  • Actual live video from Iraq.It's bombin' time again, worldwide! Triple suicide bombs in Baghdad killed at least 41 people on Easter and injured another 200. The blasts hit a neighborhood full of foreign embassies and many of the dead Iraqis worked for the diplomats, mostly as security guards. This follows Saturday's massacre when a Sunni militia attacked a village south of Baghdad and shot about 25 people to death. Just wanted to remind everyone that Iraq is still a special place, and we still have tens of thousands of troops there, and we still dump more American Money into Iraq every year -- about $100 billion annually -- than the federal government will eventually spend per year on the Health Care Reform package everybody was so freaked about. [BBC News]
  • A 7.2 magnitude earthquake destroyed all traces of human civilization in Southern California. No wait, it damaged some houses in the Baja town of Mexicali and is blamed for two deaths there. [Los Angeles Times]

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