Michael Steele May Quite Possibly Have Gone Rogue


Oh jesus christ, wethink Michael Steele may have finally pushed himself into a position where firing becomes a near-future possibility, but what the hell do we know? It's been quite a day for Steele, "the black Barack Obama." First he canceled an ABC interview at the last minute. Reports came in that there was an "emergency meeting" he had to attend at the RNC at noon instead. The RNC later clarified that there was a meeting, but not an "emergency" meeting, so reporters should fuck off. Either way, Steele's scheduler (Puff Daddy) appears to have done a poor job managing conflicts today -- or maybe a good job, because he managed to get Michael Steele off the teevee for once.

Intra-party smoke and mirrors abound on this day, one day after Michael Steele told members of his party who don't like him -- and had no idea his book was coming out -- to "shut up."

What the heck happened? In a case of what might be bad communication or could be trouble brewing for Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele, we delve into today's Steele Mystery.

Here's what we know: Steele was scheduled to appear on ABC's "TopLine" show at lunchtime, but canceled and cited an emergency RNC meeting that raised red flags about the embattled chairman's tenure.

The RNC denied to us that any meeting was happening, flatly saying "No," when we asked.

This afternoon, an RNC spokesperson backtracked and told ABC that there was a noon meeting at the RNC, just not an "emergency RNC meeting."

An ABC spokeswoman told TPMDC that Steele's book publicist called the network at 11:30, 30 minutes before the scheduled interview time, to cancel.

The publicist's explanation was that Steele "was called into an emergency meeting at the RNC," said Emily Lenzner, an ABC spokeswoman who also referred us to the publicist, who hasn't returned several calls.

Still confused? Us too. So... blame Emily Lenzner? Blame Emily Lenzner! BOO EMILY LENZNER!


Steele had the time to appear on Laura Ingraham's radio show between 11 and noon, just before the publicist canceled. On the show he said he would like to be governor of Maryland.

Ha ha ha! Is that his actual escape plan from this shitty job of his, to run for governor of Maryland this year? Please! Last we checked, Martin O'Malley had no strong potential challengers besides the prospect of ex-governor and current wingnut radio host Bobby Ehrlich re-running, but he will never make up his mind, because he's an asshole.

Hey Maryland, get excited: America may be deporting Michael Steele back to you!

Solving The Steele Mystery: Why Did He Cancel On ABC? [TPM]


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