Michael Steele Quotes Cole Porter To Gay San Franciscans

Michael Steele Quotes Cole Porter To Gay San Franciscans

Did you know that in San Francisco Republicanism is not (yet) punishable by literal, physical death?Social death, sure, that goes without saying, you will be mocked and derided and nobody will have gay sex with you (or if they do they will make fun of you about it, later). And yet these brave souls soldier on, content to know that they are making the world a better place. Yesterday, they were rewarded with what surely would have been the request they'd have given to the "Make A Wish" Foundation, if they were dying of cancer: a visit from Michael Steele!

Included in the sad group of Republicans who gathered for the pep talk were John Dennis, who is running against Nancy Pelosi for Congress! Michael Steel was surely proud to discover that Dennis was against racism, though possibly less enthused about him being against the Iraq and Afghan wars. Still, Dennis can count on national GOP support in his quest to take on the party's worst enemy, right?

"I think we’ll create our own success," he said. "And then they’ll be with us."

Then Steele said "It's time to let you do that voodoo that you do very, very well," which apparently "met with nods of approval, and, in a few cases, nodding eyelids," whatever that means. Really, the only "voodoo" the San Francisco Republicans know how to do is lose election after election, but whatever, how much time could he really waste on these people, do you even know how many lesbian bondage clubs there are in this city? [NYT]


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