Michael Steele Thinks That Everyone Who Wants To Beat Him Up Can Just Go Die


Michael Steele went on the radio today to tell everyone to shut the fuck up. "I’m telling them and I’m looking them in the eye and say I’ve had enough of it. If you don’t want me in the job, fire me. But until then, shut up. Get with the program or get out of the way." "Them" referring to everyone who has voiced concern that Steele is neitheranticipating winning any elections nor doing anything that might accomplish this accidentally. Whatever. Steele still rates the job he's doing as a "solid B," which, he raves, is "not bad." So why is everyone trying to "beat [him] up"?

Because of reasons, that's why:

Responded Steele: “Some of my prior chairmen who are running their mouths right now -- how many farm teams did you build as chairman?”

“All I’m saying is cut it out. If we have party differences that are inside the party, let’s deal with them inside the party. You don’t see the Democrats running around trying to beat up their national chairman or embarrass him.”

It will be hilarious when Michael Steele is fired later today or whenever.

[ABC News]


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