Michael Steele Will Just Fire Everyone Until He Feels He Has Gotten 'Enough Credit'


Whenever absolutely anything goes wrong, immediately fire the nearest communications director. This is alaw, in our politics. It would follow, then, that Michael Steele would have already gone through all the communications directors on Earth, multiple times. Well! This recent RNC communications director, Trevor Francis, had only been at his job since March but lasted til yesterday, when Steele fired him to death because Steele was sad he, Michael Steele, did not receive "enough credit for the GOP’s electoral success earlier this month."

What up:

A former official at public relations giant Burson-Marsteller, Francis was tasked with trying to keep the voluble Steele on message and explaining away the instances when he strayed.

While still occasionally committing gaffes, Steele has become more disciplined in his frequent TV appearances.

But after Republicans won the closely watched gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey this month, Steele expressed frustration that he wasn’t receiving accolades for the party’s success, said the two Republicans, both of whom conveyed frustration with the chairman’s leadership style.

“So the reaction was: Get rid of the communications director,” carped one of the Republicans.

Mo' money!/Change the game/What up, for a second time.



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