Michael Ware Back In The US, Braving Williamsburg


Former CNN Baghdad correspondent Michael Ware, he of theLara Logan Love Triangle and the sexily fucked-up nose, is now living in Williamsburg. Go on, snide New Yorkers, and make your remarks about hipsters and trucker hats and whatever else they're doing over there, in Williamsburg, these days. (Ha ha trucker hats were popular in what, 2002?)

Ware is still apparently employed by CNN, to whom he is very grateful for paying his life insurance. And he has the natural Terrors of bad driving and stuff you would expect from having lived in a war zone for years.

"Crowds can feel threatening. When I open a window, I'm looking for snipers. If somebody cuts me off in traffic, it could be the beginning of a kidnapping."

He will probably end up guest editing for n + 1 before the year is out.

An International Correspondent, Based in Brooklyn [TVNewser]


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